Premiere Lacrosse League partners with Gaining Ground

Premiere Lacrosse League partners with Gaining Ground

In 2019, Premier League Lacrosse (PLL) was looking to establish merchandise operations at the nationwide events. With a strong background in sporting events and merchandising, Gaining Ground were contracted to provide expertise and support, playing a crucial role in launching the event merchandising operations for the PLL.

Gaining Ground always prioritizes delivering an exceptional fan experience throughout our merchandising programmes. With a large list of regular nationwide contractors, our team was able to support the launch and following successes of the PLL with a customer first approach across all their events, with several team members dedicating their time to the PLL events to ensure consistency from one weekend to another.

The PLL also worked with Gaining Ground’s ecommerce specialists to support the launch of their ecommerce site, mirroring the on-site offering. With Gaining Ground’s full service solution, this ensured a one-stop-shop strategy for the PLL.

With Gaining Ground's support, the PLL has solidified its position as one of the leading lacrosse leagues in North America, leaving a lasting impact on the sport and its passionate fans.

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