Pleasing Brand Pop-Up Experience Services

Pleasing Brand Pop-Up Experience Services

Gaining Ground played a pivotal role in the Pleasing pop-ups held in Los Angeles, New York City, and London in 2022, providing comprehensive Point-of-Sale (POS), WiFi, iPad, and technical support solutions throughout the duration of the brands in-store experience.

The Pleasing pop-ups, held in three iconic cities simultaneously, aimed to provide fans and fashion enthusiasts with an immersive shopping experience. Each location was unique and brought to life in line with the brand’s contemporary fashion and vintage aesthetic. Gaining Ground, known for its seamless event solutions, ensured that the technical aspects of these pop-ups were flawlessly executed, allowing Pleasing to focus on offering a unique and enjoyable experience to its customers.

In addition to the robust POS systems, Gaining Ground ensured reliable and high-speed WiFi connectivity throughout the pop-up locations which were heavily impacted by large footfall in the area during the busiest shopping period of the year. Gaining Ground's dedicated technical support team was readily available to address any issues that arose.

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