James Blake US/EU Touring

James Blake US/EU Touring

Gaining Ground handled James Blake's tour merch in the US in 2021 and subsequently managed his UK and EU tour in April 2022, providing extensive support across staffing, Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, logistics, forecasting, product sourcing, and VIP management.

James Blake embarked on an eagerly anticipated tour, captivating fans across the United States. Gaining Ground's involvement ensured a seamless merchandise operation that catered to the demands of James Blake's dedicated fan base.

Following the success of the US tour, Gaining Ground extended our relationship with the artist to manage the UK and EU tour in April 2022. With a US, UK and EU entity, Gaining Ground are perfectly placed to service tours across these regions.

With our full-service solution, Gaining Ground continues to be a trusted partner for artists and musicians, offering seamless merchandise operations that enhance fan engagement and contribute to the overall success of tours.

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