Gaining Ground Elevates Mitch Rowland's US Tour

Gaining Ground Elevates Mitch Rowland's US Tour

Gaining Ground, the go-to event merchandising support provider, has once again showcased its expertise in boosting music tours. Partnering with Mitch Rowland from Feb 25 to Mar 22 for a 19-show US tour, Gaining Ground exceeded expectations in merchandise sales and logistical support.

The tour witnessed an impressive surge in merchandise sales, thanks to Gaining Ground's seamless management of sellers, point-of-sale systems, and inventory. This success highlighted Gaining Ground's ability to drive revenue and enhance fan experiences.

Beyond merchandise, Gaining Ground's support extended to artwork creation, adding a unique visual appeal to the tour. From designing captivating visuals to producing and delivering the range of tour merchandise, Gaining Ground contributed significantly to the tour's success.

The collaboration between Gaining Ground and Mitch Rowland’s management company Full Stop Management underscores the power of synergy in the music industry. By combining innovative solutions with meticulous attention to detail, Gaining Ground continues to set new standards in tour logistics and event support, empowering artists and enhancing fan experiences.

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